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About Us

About Harkcon Academy

Our Company: Motivate. Inspire. Deliver.

Harkcon Academy is a branch of Harkcon, Inc., an award-winning Service-Disabled, Veteran-Owned business committed to providing comprehensive organizational and workforce performance analysis, training development & delivery, and performance support solutions in both domestic and international environments.

After years of successfully delivering top quality organizational and workforce performance analysis, training development & delivery, and performance support solutions, Harkcon’s leadership realized many clients would be even better served with pertinent, purposeful and practical courses that give them the skills Harkcon uses in its consulting and project management work. Establishing Harkcon Academy is a natural progression from serving clients’ immediate needs to equipping them to take on their own long-term challenges.

The academy is managed and supported by training specialists who develop and foster relationships with a cadre of subject matter experts from various disciplines to ensure our training is second-to-none.

Harkcon Academy, like Harkcon, believes in helping businesses by unlocking human potential.  Our products and services are designed to help you help your people, who in turn will help improve your business and bottom line.

Our People: Public and Private Sector Experts Willing to Share their Wisdom

Harkcon Academy's speakers, instructors and training specialists each have a deep and rich background in government, military and private industry and possess a depth of experience that is unparalleled in other companies. Our people are experienced and highly knowledgeable of the many challenges and changes currently facing the evolving world of private industry. As such, we bring a wealth of expertise to bear on every course, workshop, exercise, or consulting session in which we involve ourselves.

Our Training: Pertinent, Purposeful & Practical.

Harkcon Academy's mission is to provide the highest quality, customized, and innovative performance-based training solutions at the very best value for our customers. We do this by developing training that is pertinent, purposeful & practical:

  • Pertinent: Training that is relevant, applicable to the client's industry and/or needs.  Our training courses are tailored to each specific business sector, and are continually updated to contain the latest thoughts, theories, ideas and best practices. Courses address a known need that companies want to correct and have a positive impact on company retention, productivity and efficiency.

  • Purposeful: Training that addresses a client's specific gap, and is delivered to challenge the student. Our training scenarios and exercises are relevant to you and your employees, and are based on actual events, case studies, etc. Students are able to relate to what they are undergoing, and can see themselves facing this exact issue sometime in the future.

  • Practical: Training is presented with a tailored delivery that leads to student growth, retention, confidence, and motivation to use their new skill. Our training courses are performance-based and positively impact student behavior. Students complete their training with an understanding of how they will apply what they learned to their job, as well as a commitment to do so.

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