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Barbara Golden

Former Special Agent, U.S. Secret Service


Special Agent Barbara Golden’s career placed her in multiple cities as she climbed the Special Agent ranks to be appointed at two of the Agency’s most sought after positions.  Her career with the U.S. Secret Service started in 1976, when she reported to the Richmond, VA Field Office as a Student Assistant.  Quickly gaining office skills, she was moved to the Roanoke, VA Field Office as the Office Manager.


Working alongside Special Agents, Barbara grew interested in becoming an Agent.  With the full support of her Field Office leadership, she was accepted to the Special Agent program, completed training and was assigned to the Field Office in Chicago, IL in 1986.  Serving in Chicago for just over 7 years, she sharpened her investigative and protective detail skills and built her reputation as a talented agent in a male dominated agency.


She was asked to be a part of President and Mrs. Carter’s Protective Detail in Plains, GA and served as such for over a three year period.  Among numerous international and domestic trips, Barbara conducted the advance work for President Carter’s trip to South Korea and continued on as a member of the security detail for his unprecedented trip to North Korea in the mid-1990’s.


Continuing to move up the Special Agent ladder, Barbara was assigned to the Seattle, WA Field Office as a Senior Special Agent.  In this position she oversaw the training, investigative, and administrative work for the Special Agents assigned to the office.  She was also a liaison to a robust list of law enforcement agencies at the local, regional, state, and federal level.  She was a senior planner for the World Trade Organization’s conference in Seattle, which required close to a year of planning while balancing her normal responsibilities.


In 2001, she was moved closer to the U.S. Secret Service’s hub of protective and investigative duties in the National Capitol Region as the Senior Special Agent at the Baltimore, MD Field Office.  With similar responsibilities as her Seattle position, the Baltimore Office was much larger and much busier, especially with Protective Detail missions after the September 11, 2001 attacks.  She performed superbly, which led to her promotion to Assistant to the Special Agent in Charge of the Baltimore office in 2003.  In this role, she was the lead Special Agent across all areas of work.  One of the busier lines of work was Protective Details for dignitaries from the White House, the Capitol, and foreign Heads of State.


Barbara’s reputation in the Agency continued to grow, which drove an early move from Baltimore to the U.S. Secret Service Headquarters Protective Division as the Assistant Chief.  In this position, she was responsible security for all Heads of State visits, aligning the necessary security resources to meet both the visiting country’s security needs while ensuring those needs fell within the greater Secret Service security program.  She had a direct impact on security postures at the White House and other Presidential properties.

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