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Training your workforce isn't the only answer. Sometimes you need to dig deeper and uncover the root causes of poor performance.

We offer the following consulting services:

Workforce Requirements Analysis


Workforce Requirements Analysis


Our Workforce Requirements Analysis (WRA) is a flexible, customizable approach to identifying and resolving issues adversely impacting the performance of an organization’s workforce. The WRA is a suite of analytical methodologies that can focus on work-, workplace-, or worker-specific issues and can be conducted on individual positions, teams (staffs/offices) or the entire organization. More importantly, they are scalable in size, scope and analytical rigor, and can be tailored to meet a specific organization’s requirements, specifically time, complexity, and accuracy.


Using our WRA, we have a demonstrated ability to quickly analyze performance, staffing and work issues across government and private organizations. Our skilled analysts use those results to develop staffing, training and support solutions that result in improved performance.

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First-15 is a dynamic and tailorable crisis leadership and management model that helps organizations prepare for, respond to, and recover from any threat, hazard or incident.

The methodology used to employ First-15 begins with a review and discussion of the phases and the 15 Sentinel Habits, which establish a proactive mindset that helps inform the planning process.


Next, organization-specific planning factors are identified to develop a precise set of planning parameters to guide the crisis planning process. These parameters, which are unique to each particular organization, set the limits and options within which crisis decision-making and planning take place – in essence, defining the playing field and rules going forward.  

With the planning parameters in place, the organization is guided through the crisis planning process. The resulting set of tailored plans are unique to the organization in question, allowing the organization to respond thoughtfully and appropriately to various scenarios.

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