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Course Offerings

Take care of your people, and they'll take care of your business.

Caring for your people is giving them the opportunity to enhance their existing knowledge and skills needed on the job.  Your organization will greatly benefit from this investment.  Our training and professional development experts have been performing for decades, and can help you find the exact solution to your need.  


The below listed courses are a snap shot and representative of the main areas of focus of Harkcon Academy.  Click on the button below for a complete listing of all our offerings.


When an unplanned or out-of-the-ordinary incident occurs at your place of work, it takes a minimum of 5-15 minutes before first responders arrive.  First-15 will provide you and your employees with the tools & confidence to immediately respond to any incident, regardless of its size or complexity.



Designed for senior executives and C-Suite leaders, our Pinnacle Leadership events are focused on executive seminars and strategic discussions, ensuring your leadership team is prepared to handle any business challenge or crisis.



Our Capstone Leadership Courses are designed for mid-to-high level executives, covering topics like Situational Leadership, Team Dynamics, Leader Influence, Intrinsic Motivation and Peak Performance Mindset.



Our Capstone Management Courses are designed for entry to mid-level managers, and cover topics ranging from Leadership and Management Fundamentals, Team Development and Dynamics, to Conflict Resolution and Change Management.



Our Emergency Response courses are designed to improve your organization’s responses to man-made and natural disasters, including interacting with and alongside first responders and other local and federal authorities.

First-15 Courses

Introduction to First-15: Crisis Leadership & Management

This one-day seminar provides an overview of  First-15, Harkcon Academy's unique 4-phase crisis leadership and management model that enables on-scene employees, acting together, to proactively  respond to any incident in order to help protect the public (customers/clients), staff and facilities during the first critical minutes of an incident, or until first responders arrive on the scene.  The seminar introduces students to the model and its 4-interdependent phases, crisis communications, and the 15 Sentinel Behaviors an organization must establish, rehearse and reinforce in order to create a vigilant workforce capable of implementing First-15 and responding appropriately to any incident.

Crisis Leadership

This course is offered in either one-half or full-day segments covering information and strategies to help leaders think through, and be prepared, for crisis events, including financial, natural or personnel disasters, terrorist attacks, political shifts and more. It teaches the fundamental principles of leading in crisis situations using Harkcon Academy’s First-15 approach. The model addresses decisions and actions that must be executed within the first 15 minutes; first 15 hours; and first 15 days of a crisis event. The training starts out with a Keynote address by one of our renowned speakers, each of whom have demonstrated excellence in leadership during crisis scenarios.

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Pinnacle Leadership Events

We make our collection of Keynote Speakers available to assist your senior executive team reach the highest levels of performance.  Because your senior executive team is already highly accomplished, we first get to know you, your team, your business, and your specific needs, and then tailor our offerings to meet the challenges you face.  Events include focused strategic planning and round table discussions, expert panels, facilitation of off sites, tailored seminars and sharing of lessons learned.

Pinnacle Leadership

Capstone Leadership Courses

Peak Performance Workshop

This workshop can be tailored to 2, 4 or 8 hour sessions, and will be scripted to address a company’s unique needs including a framework that clearly articulates the elements for growing a peak performance mindset.  The workshop provides participants the awareness of the foundation of the current mindset, and how to strengthen it while finding opportunities for massive growth. Participants will learn the actions they can take to improve resiliency, achieve their personal goals, enhance relationships, improve their focus, and enhance productivity and well-being.   

Leader Influence Course

In this 4-hour course, participants are exposed to a process to both understand the impact of leadership on the organization, and how to best employ leadership strategies, with an aim toward being a more positive influential force.  The group will complete an exercise giving each person insights into their ‘go to’ style of leadership.  The instruction includes how and when to use position power (directive, authoritative, legitimacy) vs. personal power (influential, persuasive, expertise).  The course also includes the attributes of a leader as a role model and the Nine Principles of Effective Leadership. 

Situational Leadership

This 3-hour course teaches how situational factors used by leaders improve organizational effectiveness and how a leader has the ultimate responsibility to strengthen a company’s productivity by applying the right strategies at the right time.  The course will define Harkcon Academy’s Situational Leadership Model, which includes instruction on how behavior sets the tone to successfully developing staff.

A Leader's Guide to Coaching Subordinates

This 4 hour course discusses the ins and outs of coaching members of your team, to include the methods to align coaching into a company’s overall leadership strategies, and the ultimate benefits of doing so.  The base of this course will be the use of the GROW Model - Goal, Reality, Options, Will - and a module on how coaching impacts organizational effectiveness and personal growth.

Executive Development

We use our own competency-based ADComP Executive Development Model as the framework to assist those executives looking for more individualized professional development. The foundation of ADComP is the fundamental belief that forward progress is all about lasting, positive behavioral change. A person's habits will ultimately determine his or her destiny; those small actions taken day after day, month after month, and year after year, will transport them to that place they have predetermined. Our goal with executive development is to help executives gain and strengthen those competencies that will support and defend the "right" habits.

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Capstone Leadership

Capstone Management Courses

Key Behaviors to Recognize and Leverage as a Manager

This 4-hour course will teach methods to better recognize typical behaviors among the staff, and how managers can use this knowledge to promote stronger performance.  By understanding a person’s needs, goals, and motivation to reach their goals, a Supervisor can offer optimal guidance and performance feedback.  The class will also cover soft skills necessary for excellent interpersonal relationships through knowledge of a person’s aspirations, personality traits, attitudes and values.

Team Dynamics and Development

This 3-hour course covers the roles and responsibilities of the leader and team members, as well as the overall dynamics of the team including necessary behaviors associated with each role.   The course emphasizes how each member must "carry their weight" and the impacts of not doing so.  Group activities include learning about and understanding the normal life cycle stages of a group including the definitions of each, the motives and behaviors present in each, as well as productivity improvements and goal setting.

The Fundamental Principles of Effective Management

In this 4-hour course, we present and explore the fundamental principles of effective management.  Participants will study the Four Functions: Planning, Organizing, Controlling, and Leading.  The instruction includes case study exercises that incorporate role-playing, allowing students to practice the Four Functions of Successful Management to positively impact workforce’s productivity.

Conflict Management

This 3-hour course introduces students to the types and causes of conflict, and the impact on productivity and staff morale when not handled properly.  Participants will be presented with a 5-step method to manage and resolve conflict, and learned skills will be practiced during role-playing sessions.  Participants will also learn how to use healthy conflict to produce positive results.

Change Management

In this 3-hour course, participants will gain an understanding that change management is a full-time responsibility for all.  The instruction will include a presentation of the four levels of change: knowledge, attitudes, individual behavior and group behavior.  The class will cover directive and participative change cycles.  The roles of Champion, Agent, Sponsor and Target will be addressed, and how following the process steps of unfreezing, changing and refreezing produces successful change.  Upon completion, participants will have a very strong grasp of how to positively support a corporation’s organizational adjustments.

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Capstone Management

Emergency Response Courses

Incident Response College

This in-depth, 3-day course introduces the nationally recognized Incident Command System’s principles, terminology and processes.  Upon completion, each student will be prepared to actively participate during any major / catastrophic event where ICS is directed by federal or state authorities.  Students will be ready to step into a multi-agency event knowing how to act and how to keep their company involved and informed during an incident response.  Each course is tailored with scenarios that the client would address at their facility.

Incident Response for Executives

This 4-8 hour course is designed specifically for corporate senior executives to gain a high level operating knowledge of how a corporation fits into a multi-agency ICS event.  Students will learn how to use staff members (who have completed Harkcon Academy’s Incident Response College) within the event Command and Control infrastructure to effectively contribute, participate and monitor operations.  Course length is driven by the nature of business activities completed by the client.

Incident Response Critical Decision-Making

This 8-hour course prepares senior corporate executives to serve alongside government agency Incident Commanders, assisting with information flow and decision making.  As a member of this small incident-governing body, senior representatives learn how to work successfully within the inner circle.  Effective participation at this level ensures the company’s capabilities and status are well understood by Incident Commanders, as well as giving your organization the ability to influence decisions and participate in messaging to the public.

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Incident Response
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