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The ADComP Executive Development Model.

We use our own competency-based ADComP Executive Development Model as the framework to assist senior executives in improving their awareness and performance. The foundation of ADComP is the fundamental belief that forward progress is all about lasting, positive behavioral change. A person's habits will ultimately determine his or her destiny; those small actions taken day after day, month after month, and year after year, will transport them to that place they have predetermined. Our goal with executive development is to help executives gain and strengthen those competencies that will support and defend the "right" habits.

ADComP is simple, elegant, and unlike any executive development model you have seen. This four-phased approach is highly customizable, and therefore results in a unique experience for each executive, as individual circumstances, backgrounds and goals are considered. A general description of the four phases follows:

Phase 1: Awareness

In the Awareness phase, we basically want to get to know you: who are you, and how did you get here? Using a variety of tools and techniques, we delve into the following: What is your professional background? What is your personal background? How self-aware are you? What are your personal and professional strengths and weaknesses? In this phase, trust and confidence are established between coach and executive, and all aspects of leader and leadership development are explored. We also clearly define roles and expectations.

Phase 2: Destination

In the Destination phase, our actions and activities focus on discovering and refining where the executive is headed in life. While some individuals have a very clear idea of this - with written goals and plans, etc. - others do not. No matter the case, the coach will assist in refining and/or developing the executive's vision over time, and will assist in keeping the individual on track. Goal setting and projection are two of several techniques used to articulate the destination.

Phase 3: Competencies

The Competency phase is the heart and soul of ADComP. Here we help the executive determine which competencies he or she needs in order to most efficiently and effectively move toward, and eventually reach, the destination described Phase 2. Once the required complete set of competencies are identified, we conduct an assessment to determine which of those competencies, and to what extent, the executive already possesses. At this point we will know the gap between what the executives possesses versus what the executive needs to move into the future.

Phase 4: Plan

In the Plan phase, we start with our understanding of personal competencies obtained in Phase 3. We put together, then set out on a course of action that will, through daily effort, make the executive better, stronger, and faster as he or she gains and/or improves needed competencies and moves toward his or her personal destination. The Plan will include specific and measurable milestones, and advice and guidance along the way.

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