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Kingsley "Midas" Vogan

Pilot, Royal Canadian Air Force


Kingsley Vogan, call sign Midas, was born in Ottawa, Canada, and graduated from Carleton University with a Bachelors of Arts in Law.  He then entered the Royal Canadian Air Force and began his CF-18 Hornet training in 1996.


Midas completed a post graduate fighter pilot course and became a tactical airborne leader where he performed NORAD scramble alert missions in support of ground forces in training.  He then deployed in support of OPERATION ALLIED FORCE where he flew predominantly Air Strike missions over Kosovo and Serbia and received 1 of the 59 Kosovo Campaign Stars awarded.  Following his deployment, Midas was subsequently selected to be an instructor pilot and then very proudly flew in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom as a Canadian F-18 Aerial Demonstration pilot. 


During his first exchange tour with the U.S. Air Force at Tyndall AFB, Midas also completed the U.S. Air Force Command and Staff College.  Upon returning to Canada he assumed the position of Executive Officer for Canada’s Fighter Training Squadron, where he performed superbly.  Due to his leadership, instructional capabilities and fighter skill sets he was assigned as the Commanding Officer for the Canadian NATO Fighter (Training) Squadron.  A unique and challenging training concept, the NATO Fighter Squadron brings pilots from 8 different countries to provide fighter training under the command of a Canadian Fighter Pilot.        


In his final active duty military assignment Midas once again returned to the United States serving as the principal Canadian representative to the U.S. Air Force’s Air Combat Command, Langley AFB, where he coordinated bi-national flight operations and negotiated military agreements between nations.


Midas was medically released from the Canadian Forces due to injuries sustained during a fighter jet ejection following a catastrophic engine failure experienced while training a student pilot during a plane on plane ‘dog fight’ exercise (The YouTube video below shows Midas and his student pilot after the parachute landing after the ejection) .

He now resides in the Washington, DC area with his family and is pleased to be part of the Harkcon Academy.

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