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Harkcon Academy Announces “Leading in Times of Crisis” Conference

Summary: Amazing conference planned for October 17th in Fredericksburg at the 6 Bears and a Goat Brewing Company Brew House

FREDERICKSBURG, VA-- Harkcon Academy announced “Leading in Times of Crisis;” a one-day, intimate discussion with experienced thought leaders in crisis leadership including communicating and leading organizations, teams and staffs in stressful conditions. Speakers have unique backgrounds in military operations and government disaster responses; they will be discussing how to best focus your leadership teams and how to integrate government responses with corporate structures. We know what it takes to be prepared and respond appropriately; to help our communities, businesses and our people to respond and recover quickly and effectively. Seats are still available at, which includes food and drinks for the day as well as full access to the conference.

The conference will host several distinguished speakers, including crisis leadership experts, an award-winning journalist, safety and security experts, emergency management specialists, and more! Featured speakers include Dr. Kevin Harkins, CEO of Harkcon; U.S. Coast Guard Admirals Thad Allen, Dean Lee, Tom Atkin, and Mary Landry. As well as, Kyra Phillips, CNN journalist; Jeff Stern, Virginia State coordinator of Emergency Management; Darrell Darnell, Senior Associate & Vice President for Safety and Security; Craig Henzel, Vice President CFO/CXO Advisory at GENPACT; and William Dewilde, Retired Navy SEAL Command Master Chief.

“Organizations and their people face increasingly complex and challenging situations. It is hard to keep pace and adapt to the ever-changing environment where we work and live. Leadership and foresight matter, and getting caught unprepared leads to short-sighted responses that can often create even greater challenges down the road. Leaders must be prepared to respond to anything...or possibly risk losing everything which is why we created the ‘Leading in Time of Crisis’ conference” - Dr. Kevin Harkins, CEO of Harkcon.

The sponsors for this event include PotomacWave Consulting, Toikka Law Group, ABS Consulting, 6 Bears and a Goat Brewing Company, and Harkcon, Inc.

For more information and to register for the conference please visit

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