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In today's rapidly changing world, leaders are challenged to adjust, remain relevant, and mitigate risk. Harkcon Academy is the consulting, training, and professional development firm you need to thrive on the journey.

Your next challenge is coming.
Are you
prepared to lead & protect your people and your company?
Explore All Of Our Solutions.
Executive Seminars. Courses & Custom Training. Keynote Speakers.

Prepare yourself and your organization for the inevitable

Introducing Harkcon Academy's 

First-15 Crisis Leadership & Management Model

First-15 Model.jpg

With prominent leaders in business, government, education and the military, we are ready to help you with the experience and expertise you need.

Our speakers and leaders are eager to share their expertise, unique experiences, and insights on topics ranging from leadership and critical decision making to managing complex organizations and difficult situations.

Why Harkcon Academy?

We've been saving lives, protecting America, building companies, and helping our community for years.

The leaders at Harkcon Academy hold some fundamental beliefs:

  • Superior organizational performance starts with superior individual performance.


  • Leadership matters.  Teams of people are capable of achieving extraordinary results when placed in the proper environment and working toward a common goal.

  • Work is fundamentally important to the human experience.  When leaders and managers grasp this concept, they will treat employees with the utmost dignity, respect and importance leading to superior individual performance.


All of our training, professional development and consulting services launch from this foundation.  Our team of accomplished professionals have excelled for decades at leading people and teams to the highest levels of achievement in a variety of fields and markets.  Let us help you do the same. 

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